The fifteenth season of Chopped ran from April 2, 2013, to July 23, 2013, for a total of 13 episodes.


# Image Title Airdate
01 Wiki Heads Up! April 2, 2013
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02 VCB Chefs Viewers Choice Baskets April 9, 2013
Chopped fans logged on to Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter and suggested the ingredients for this Viewers' Choice competition, resulting in possibly the cruelest baskets ever. In the appetizer round the chefs are stunned and stumped to see two brightly colored manmade items and one of nature's most odious foods. Then for the entree basket, the viewers chose a canned product that became infamous in a previous competition. In the end, the last brutal basket proves very difficult for the finalists.
03 Wiki Aussie Awesome April 16, 2013
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04 Wiki Without Missing a Beet April 30, 2013
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05 Wiki Momumental May 7, 2013
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06 Wiki Amazing Amateurs May 14, 2013
Four amateur chefs who have been yearning to compete in the Chopped Kitchen get their chance! Yet, will they be sorry when they open up the first basket and find a daunting sea creature? Then in the entree round, an unfamiliar tuber challenges the competitors as the energy level peaks. The two amateurs remaining in the final round must create desserts using crackers and red wine.
07 Wiki Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! May 21, 2013
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08 Wiki Military Salute May 28, 2013
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09 Wiki Cook Your Butt Off! May 30, 2013
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10 BSTS Chefs Better Saffron Than Sorry June 4, 2013
The chefs show off in the appetizer round by creating four unique interpretations of mussels with saffron. In the entree round, the baskets contain a particularly daunting protein: Will the competitors have the knowledge or experience to treat it correctly and make it work with blackberries? And pasta sheets make for a good blank canvas for dessert.
11 Wiki Take Heart June 6, 2013
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12 Wiki Wheatgrass Roots June 18, 2013
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13 WCS Chefs Wurst Case Scenario July 23, 2013
Four energetic chefs hit the ground running in the appetizer round, but the one chef who runs into the worst trouble with their currywurst dish must be chopped. The big curveball in the entree round — popcorn balls! Berries and oats meet in the final basket. Will the chefs be able to make this culinary pairing work?
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#01 Heads Up!#08 Military Salute
#02 Viewers Choice Baskets#09 Cook Your Butt Off!
#03 Aussie Awesome#10 Better Saffron Than Sorry
#04 Without Missing a Beet#11 Take Heart
#05 Momumental#12 Wheatgrass Roots
#06 Amazing Amateurs#13 Wurst Case Scenario
#07 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!