The eleventh season of Chopped ran from February 7, 2012, to May 8, 2012, for a total of 16 episodes.


# Image Title Airdate
01 Wiki I'm Your Huckleberry February 7, 2012
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02 Wiki Chewing the Caul Fat February 14, 2012
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03 Wiki Good Chop, Bad Chop? February 21, 2012
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04 Wiki Leftovers Extravaganza! March 6, 2012
It's a leftovers extravaganza! In this special competition, every basket contains some "leftover" ingredients. For an appetizer, the chefs race to make something fun and tasty out of slices of leftover pizza. A takeout container holds a surprise in the entrée basket. The final two chefs shock the judges with their cold refried beans dessert creations
05 Wiki Plenty of Fish March 13, 2012
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06 Wiki Sound the Alarm! March 20, 2012
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07 Wiki Viewers' Choice April 3, 2012
Let's hear it for fan participation! Chopped viewers finally get their chance to weigh in on a weighty question: What should go into the mystery baskets? In the first round of this special competition, the chefs must figure out how to make the fans proud by cooking a dish made with a favorite regional meat product. Then for the entrée round, the viewers have chosen a jarred ingredient that few professional chefs are likely to like. Will one chef's ambitious plans backfire as the clock runs out? Then, while trying to figure out how to combine black licorice root with a salty snack food, one of the final two chefs uses a clever time-saving technique in the dessert round.
08 Wiki All Stars: Iron Chefs Do Battle April 8, 2012
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09 Wiki Ready, Set, Escargot! April 10, 2012
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10 Wiki All Stars: Prime Time vs. Day Time April 15, 2012
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11 OI Chefs Own It! April 17, 2012
Four chef/entrepreneurs have something to prove in the Chopped kitchen. In the first round, will their hearts sink when they see hearts of palm and rabbit escabeche in the basket? And a curious ingredient substitution leaves the judges perplexed. Then three chefs fight to make goat chops a great main dish ... or risk being chopped. And it's crunch time for two finalists, when they must make dessert using blue corn tortilla chips. :
12 Wiki All Stars: Food Network Star Contestants April 22, 2012
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13 Wiki All Stars: Judge Remix April 29, 2012
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14 Wiki Yuzu Never Know May 1, 2012
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15 Wiki All Stars: Grand Finale May 6, 2012
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16 Wiki Reversal of Fortune May 8, 2012
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#01 I'm Your Huckleberry#09 Ready, Set, Escargot!
#02 Chewing the Caul Fat#10 All Stars: Prime Time vs. Day Time
#03 Good Chop, Bad Chop?#11 Own It!
#04 Leftovers Extravaganza!#12 All Stars: Food Network Star Contestants
#05 Plenty of Fish#13 All Stars: Judge Remix
#06 Sound the Alarm!#14 Yuzu Never Know
#07 Viewers' Choice#15 All Stars: Grand Finale
#08 All Stars: Iron Chefs Do Battle#16 Reversal of Fortune