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Season 10 of Chopped lasted for 6 episodes, from December 20, 2011, to January 31, 2012.


# Image Title Airdate
01 Wiki.png The Big Scoop December 20, 2011
One, two, three, four mystery ingredients in the appetizer basket! One competitor loses count in the first round and misses getting marmalade on the plates. When there is no confession highlighting the mistake, can the judges' investigative tasting skills reveal it? Then, the chefs hop into action with rabbit in the entrée round. What a surprise when the big scoop in dessert is vanilla ice cream! Hold on for a chilling finale where one competitor heads for a meltdown.
02 Wiki.png Chop on Through January 3, 2012
With a fruit and a root in the first basket, two of the chefs go with a similar approach for their appetizers. Will one dish turn out better than the other? Then in the entree round, a cut of meat with a peculiar name gives the judges something to talk about, while the chefs rush to get the main dishes made. And Camembert is the fromage of choice in the dessert basket. Whose cheesy, sweet creation will be most pleasing to the panel of experts?
03 Wiki.png Far Far Out! January 10, 2012
A very lively group of competitors go after the $10,000 prize with gusto. In the appetizer round, distaste for a processed food in the basket inspires some creativity and some defiance. In the entree round, chefs try to find success combining the Indian snack food known as far far and the bird known as squab. While one chef appears to have a clearer plan than the other in the final round, whose corn flakes dessert will taste better?
04 Wiki.png Frozen Fries with That? January 17, 2012
When the chefs, including two previous co-workers, find a classic but still-frozen ingredient in the appetizer basket, they must both heat it up and up the creativity level to impress the judges. Then, in the entrée round, a strange meat and a strong drink make for interesting basket fellows. In the dessert round, vinegar is in the mix. Will things go sour for the finalists?
05 Redemption C Chefs.png Redemption Competition January 24, 2012
Back to take it! Four previous Chopped runners-up compete to see which one can finally walk away the winner. The competition gets off to a sweet start, with sweetbreads. But in the entrée round, root beer schnapps in the basket proves very problematic for one chef. And the judges are on the edge of their seats for a very tense dessert match-up.
06 Wiki.png On the Line January 31, 2012
Competitors hailing from different countries bring their international know-how to the Chopped kitchen. With $10,000 on the line, the chefs are surprised to find fish in both of the first two baskets. Who will catch a break and make it all the way to the final round to make the best desserts possible with cheese wedges and clove candies?
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