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Doughs and Don'ts
Season 6, Episode 4
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Air date January 25, 2011
Winner James Gillespie
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Marrowly We Row Along
Step Right Up!

Never give up! In the midst of preparing her trout appetizer, a feisty chef faces a big set back. Then in the entrée round, the competitors have a heck of a time cooking deckle of beef, and one chef's behavior brings up safety concerns. Then fighting it out for all the marbles, the two finalists find marble-sized coconuts in the dessert basket. Will they know what to do with coquitos?


  • Rob Runn, Food Service Specialist, USCGCSturgeon Bay (WTGB-109), Bayonne, NJ
  • Monica Byrne, Chef and Restaurateur, Home/Made, Brooklyn, NY
  • Anna Maria Santorelli, Chef and Restaurateur, Anna Maria's, Larchmont, NY
  • James Gillespie, Culinary Instructor, New York, NY




Ingredients: Saba, Garlic Chutes, Canadian Bacon, Trout


Ingredients: Dehydrated Okra, Parsnips, Espresso Soda, Deckle of Beef


Ingredients: Coquitos, Turmeric, Empanada Wrappers, Corn on the Cob



  • James later returned for the Champions' Tournament.
  • Anna Maria later returned for Chopped Redemption.
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