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The Chopped Champions Tournaments are reacurring special episodes of Chopped. It contains the same basic rules as Chopped, but the competitors all hold the title of Chopped Champion. Winners of these events are named "Chopped Grand Champions". As of 2013, there have been four Champion specials.


The format of Chopped Champions is very similar to regular episodes of Chopped. The dishes will be judged on the same criteria and there are required basket ingredients, although they are judged with higher expectations. Differences include that the chefs uniforms are red instead of the usual gray and have a different logo on the lapel. (with the exception of the first tournament). Sixteen contestants will battle over 5 episodes, and all sixteen have already won one episode each when they enter. For the first four episodes, the Champions will battle under the same circumstances. The four chefs that are not chopped and achieve second victories advance to the Finale episode. The winner of that episode will win $50,000.

List of Tournaments[]

Chopped Champions (Original)[]

In the first special, which began on September 8, 2009, only thirteen competitors over four episodes competed to retain the title of Chopped Champion. The winner of each episode would gain $10,000 and a spot in the next episode for a possible total of $40,000. James Briscione won the first round, followed by Einat Admony, Cody Utzman, and finally Darius Peacock.

$50,000 Tournament[]

Main article: $50,000 Tournament

The second tournament labeled the "$50,000 Tournament", began on August 31, 2010, and ran for 5 episodes. It was the first tournament to utilize the current format for the tournament. The 16 chefs were champions who won between the third season and the beginning of the fifth (with the exception of Jason Zukas, whose victory was the Season 2 premiere). The winner was Madison Cowan. The New event in Season 18 and the winner is Jacob Allen Reynolds

Champions' Tournament[]

Chopped Champions[]

Maneet Chauhan

Mario Tolentino

Gavin Jobe

Tanya Cauthen

Brooke Siem

Brain Riggenbach

Joe Sasto

Jason Stude

Celeste Rogers