Bring It!
Season 2, Episode 13
BI Chefs
Air date September 29, 2009
Winner Darius Peacock
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All Stars Showdown
When Chefs Collide
You won't believe what happens in the final competition in the all-stars series, when four Chopped Champions face off for a chance to reclaim the title and bank another $10,000. But when the chefs open up the Appetizer Basket and find bananas, endives and a whopper of a surprise, it becomes clear that to win it, these champs will have to bring it! Then in the Entrée Round, a melon mishap has the judges wondering how forgiving they should be. And in the Dessert Round, the finalists know if they are as slow as the molasses in the mystery basket they don't stand a chance!





Ingredients: Lobster, Bananas, Endive


Ingredients: Pork Loin, Watercress, Galia Melon, Taro Root


Ingredients: Matzo Crackers, Pomegranate Molasses, Roasted Chestnuts, Baby Fennel


  • The chefs for the episode. From left to right: John, Diane, Darius, and Cody
  • Cody's Appetizer
  • Darius's Appetizer
  • Diane's Appetizer
  • John's Appetizer
  • Darius's Entrée
  • Diane's Entrée
  • John's Entrée
  • John's Dessert
  • Darius's Dessert


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