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Argonstorm32 Argonstorm32 28 April 2013

Season 1 in Review

The first season of Chopped was also the first one I had ever watched. These episodes were decent, although the mystery ingredients pale in comparison to the ones that are out there in later episodes.

Favorite Episode: Mac & Cheese, Cola, Bacon. This was quite an interesting episode, seeing the diversity of the four chefs. The chefs who got chopped had some very good ideas, but they made some dangerous mistakes (Putting way too much sauce on, undercooking). It was quite amusing watching Chef Will get angry because he was allergic to two of the mystery ingredients. Kind of makes you wonder if that was karma from him not including the cheese sauce. Watching this episode was exhilarating and kept me on my guard.

Least Favorite Episode: Coconut, …

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Xean Xean 26 April 2010

Love this show

I think this show is really fun to watch, it's always interesting to see what the Chefs will make out of their crazy ingredients. The one down side, I always get hungry when I watch it!

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