All Stars Tournament: Round One : Competitors from The Next Food Network Star
Season 6, Episode 6
ASTR1 Chefs
Air date March 6, 2011
Winner Michael Proietti
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Step Right Up!
All Stars Tournament: Round Two
Round one of the competition heats up when past contestants from The Next Food Network Star open their appetizer round baskets to find offal and a sweet treat. Then, in the entrée round, the chefs face a challenge when they discover an unusually bitter vegetable in the mystery basket. And, the creative juices flow when the two finalists must whip up desserts using Indian cheese and carrots in efforts to advance to the finale.





Ingredients: Calves Liver, Mango, Bottarga, Pound Cake


Ingredients: Karela, Blueberries, Fregola, Scottish Red Leg Partridge


Ingredients: Red Carrots, Goat Butter, Paneer, Potato Crisps


  • The chefs for the episode. From left to right: Brad, Michael, Debbie, and Lisa
  • Lisa's Appetizer
  • Debbie's Appetizer
  • Michael's Appetizer
  • Brad's Appetizer
  • Debbie's Entrée
  • Michael's Entrée
  • Brad's Entrée
  • Michael's Dessert
  • Brad's Dessert


  • This is the first ever episode of the Chopped All Stars Tournaments.
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