All Stars Showdown
Season 2, Episode 12
AllSS Chefs
Air date September 22, 2009
Winner Cody Utzman (advances)
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Best of the Best
Bring It!

EIn this must-watch third installment in a special four-part series, the reigning Chopped Champion and three other previous winners return to compete. In the Appetizer Round, the judges are baffled, but curious, when one of the chefs chooses a very unusual method of cooking squab. And in the Entrée Round, one contestant struggles to stay calm after discovering that three of the four items in the mystery basket are unfamiliar. Then in the Dessert Round, the chefs are dumbfounded by what they must combine with grapefruit. But the judges can't wait to taste the intriguing results!


  • Einat Admony
  • Cody Utzman
  • Jackie Lee
  • Andre Marrero




Ingredients: Lavash Bread, Preserved Lemons, Squab


Ingredients: Bluefish, Papaya, Ginger Snaps, Beef Jerky


Ingredients: Butter Crackers, Grapefruit, Feta Cheese, Gin


  • The chefs for the episode. From left to right: Andre, Jackie, Cody, and Einat
  • Einat's Appetizer
  • Cody's Appetizer
  • Jackie's Appetizer
  • Andre's Appetizer
  • Cody's Entrée
  • Andre's Entrée
  • Einat's Entrée
  • Andre's Dessert
  • Cody's Dessert


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