A is for Apple. U is for Udon
Season 8, Episode 6
Air date August 16, 2011
Winner Christopher Thames
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Champions' Tournament: Part 1
The chefs find some beautiful ingredients in the first basket, including yummy udon noodles and a brightly colored veggie. Then in the entrée round, the judges hope that the chefs can up the level of creativity, but a seemingly straight-forward basket poses some difficulties. And the chefs must resist the urge to cry when they learn they must use onions in their desserts. But some delicious apples, also in the mix, could save the finalists from despair.


  • Christopher Thames, Caterer, Distinctive Fare Catering, Philadelphia, PA
  • Debra Whiting, Chef and Restaurateur, Red Newt Cellars Winery and Bistro, Hector, NY
  • Denis Weekes, Executive Chef, World Yacht, New York, NY
  • Raffaele Spadavecchia, Executive Chef, Scottadito Osteria Toscana, Brooklyn, NY




Ingredients: Udon Noodles, Watermelon Radish, Razor Clams, Pickled Eggplant


Ingredients: Sweet Vermouth, Leeks, French Fingerling Potatoes, Live Diver Scallops


Ingredients: Thai Basil, Marinated Cippolini Onions, Black Oxford Apples, Rolled Oats


  • The episode is dedicated to Debra Whiting, who died in a car crash on June 30, 2011, a month and a half before the episode was released.